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San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS)

Backflow Inspection Testing Requirements 

SAWS Backflow Testing

Annual testing of backflow prevention assemblies is required by Chapter 24 of the City of San Antonio's Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code, Chapter 34 of the City of San Antonio Code of Ordinances, and the SAWS Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention Control Program.

SAWS will send out notification letters regarding the annual testing of external and internal backflow assemblies located at commercial and residential sites with alternative water use or on-site sewage facilities (OSSF). Residential reminders for annual backflow assembly testing for lawn irrigation systems are sent quarterly with bill notices.

SAWS Licensed Backflow Prevention Tester List

San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS) provides a list of companies employing certified backflow prevention technicians. GMR Backflow is the proud employer of multiple technicians for your scheduling convenience. Click our license to view the list.

SAWS Backflow Test

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SAWS Backflow Testing Truck

SAWS Backflow Non-Compliance Fees

If a property owner fails to submit or deliver the annual report of backflow testing and inspection by the deadline, non-compliance fees will be assessed:

  • 1-3 assemblies - $79.50

  • 4-9 assemblies - $110

  • 10 or more - $168

SAWS Backflow Inspection Report

San Antonio Backflow Inspection Test and Maintenance Report

A SAWS backflow test and maintenance report is to be filled out 1 per backflow. This form must be kept by the testing company for 3 years. Record keeping is very important when it comes to backflow prevention testing. All of the backflow technicians at GMR Backflow are trained in knowing exactly what to do to get your report filed with San Antonio Water Systems

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